Selecting an Evolis Card Printer According to Volume

When you’re selecting your card printer, generally, the amount is a great determinant. Evolis ID Card Printers are compact can be found with some other technologies for a variety of clients. They differ in the quantity of their card output measured using the average amount of cards output each year. Therefore, if you’re selecting an Evolis Card printer, the following are several Evolis top brands employing their volume rated in climbing order

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Badgy 200

This Evolis printer is useful for growth and development of under 500 ID cards each year. This is useful for a company having a small growth and development of cards and doesn’t require huge batches concurrently. The printer is capable of doing RFID support, which will help seamless processing within the printer. In addition, it provides dedicated software that gives a simple interface furthermore to enables the easy kind of the ID Cards. The ID Cards issued possess a lifespan of one to three years, and they’re issued in batches. However, they’re mostly single-sided, and they have a typical security measure.


This ID Card printer enables the printing which may be between 500 – 5000 ID Cards each year. This is useful for a medium organization which has the necessity to print a sizable volume of cards each year. The printer offers top quality within the cards, along with the outputted cards possess a lifespan of roughly one to three years. They’re created in batches and have moderate level security and they are mostly single-sided. While they’re less inclined to frequent software upgrades, they’ve interactive software that enables easy buyer experience.

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Evolis ID printer enables printing which may be between 5,000 to 30,000 ID Card each year. This is useful for a large corporation having a moderate dependence on ID Cards. The printer enables really the only- or double-sided card output. There is a better security. There is a concise design, which makes them ideal for use as front desk Card design and printing system. The cardboard outputted includes a lifespan which may be between one and three years. The cardboard output is individually process.

Tattoo Rewrite

This is often another Evolis ID Card printer brand that prints between 5,000 to 30,000 ID Cards each year. Choices are mainly single-sided where you can existence time which may be between one to three years. Card security is moderate, and they’re outputted within the batch process. The printer also enables several kinds of encoding, for example magnetic stripe and smart contactless chips.

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