Ocean Adventure at Subic Bay

Exploring the best Ocean Adventure at Subic Bay

Visiting any park is a fun activity But experiencing an open-space marine zoological park in the Morong, Bataan portion of the Subic Special Economic and Freeport Zone in the Philippines would be next to amusement and thrill.

What is ocean adventure?

It’s a marine conservatory and adventure park located in Subic Bay. It a professional place founded by animal behaviorists and trainers. It is owned by Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, that is the same Philippine corporation running Camayan Beach Resort beside it. It’s a mesmerizing place where you can enjoy swimming with dolphins and sail on a Catamaran in Punta Cana. It is 151+ kilometers away from Manila via SLEX and SCTEX (approximately 3-hour travel). If you’re willing to plan a  Tour in Punta Cana, this guide is completely for you:

Types of clothes: The climate over there is quite warm. So you need to wear comfortable clothes as you move from one marine attraction to another. In order to enjoy your day properly, make sure to have swim suit, changing clothes, and sun block for the encounter experiences. Also have extra clothes for changing up later.

Swim Dolphin encounter: The best unique experiences in Ocean Adventure is getting to know the Dolphin up close and personal. You must have seen them in pictures and aquarium but seeing them so close is a real adventure. It worth P4,200/head for around 30 minutes. The dolphin will swim with you and bring you from the beach area to the platform training area being very friendly and will give you a handshake to welcome you. This encounter package is for 2-3 persons.

Dolphin Friends Show: It is the main show attraction held at the El Capitan Theater of Dolphin and Whale. In summers, they held a show 12.30pm, 2.00pm and 4.30pm show in the open amphitheater. This show is inclusive in the entrance fee and it is where the dolphins would show off their skills like walking on water, doing somersaults, synchronized swimming, swimming with trainers, and catapulting them in the air. All this fun lasts for about 30 minutes and this is the highlight show in Ocean Adventure that you should not miss.

Enjoying the food in ocean adventure

No one is allowed to eat any food and drinks inside Ocean Adventure. There’s only one main cafe in Ocean Adventure that serves lunch known as Ilanin Bay Cafe. It is best to avoid the peak lunch hours there because there is many people and rush. The food served here is decent and many  recipes in menu card is worth it for a big groups. But It is important to order in advance. The Chicken BBQ is relatively delicious. You can also enjoy sea lion show which is already common among the marine adventure parks like Manila Ocean Park. A wild side walk can also reboost your mental health. Balancing act FEAT. African Acrobats Show also serves a breathtaking view in your adventure!

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