Asustor As1002t Specification You Should Know

The Asustor AS1002T 2-bay NAS is designed with features that appeal to home users, making it an entry-level option. Whether using it at home or on the move with cloud computing, the Asustor AS1002T is easy to use, cheap, and performs well.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

When in system standby, the AS10 series devices make a noise level of just 19 dB, barely detectable compared to the sound of a pin dropping. The 32 dB of noise produced by the system during operation is comparable to the soft murmurs of a library. Thus, the AS10 series devices may easily blend in with any home.

Supreme Performance In A Compact Package

An item with a small footprint is the Asustor AS1002T. Its front panel has proportions almost identical to an iPhone 6 Plus. Devices in the AS10 series from ASUSTOR come with the specialised ADM operating system, Gigabit Ethernet connections, and dual-core processors. With read and write speeds of more than 110 MB/s and 96 MB/s, respectively, they revolutionise the entry-level NAS price-performance ratio.

Asustor As1002t Software

The AS1002T base install provides basic unit functionality. You may access all of these apps from the Management screen.

Through the use of Access Control, you can establish permissions for various user settings. Groups, quotas, and users can all be added here.

You can view the NAS’s performance metrics in the Activity Monitor. Activity Monitor gives us the fundamentals of what we need to keep tabs on our gadgets. Our preference would be for a single screen that displays all five categories.

There are only a few pre-installed apps on the AS1002T. Quite a few apps are available for download and installation through the App Centre. We advise downloading and using only the software you need on the AS1002T due to its limited and non-expandable memory.

The Online aid app is available to aid you if you need assistance deciding on the functionality of your NAS. This is crucial for new users who must become more familiar with setting up technical features.


On one level, a NAS is analogous to a minicomputer. A motherboard, central processing unit, random access memory, hard drive bays, and an operating system are all components. To provide users with more application options, ASUSTOR NAS devices can choose I/O connectivity ports. We can say that Asustor AS1002T comes with unique and updated features. It suits the needs of people as it is user-friendly.

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