Five Guidelines for Correctly Installing Bearings the First Time

You can save money and use your bearings and machines more if you put in the time, effort, and proper tools. Considering the overall expense of downtime, the machine’s initial cost, any incidental damage, and the potential risk to installation for adequate execution are negligible. One must wear all necessary PPE during these procedures. There are specific measures to guarantee the correct installation of the SRG Bearing Set (ชุดตลับลูกปืน SRG, which is the term in Thai).

Five Essential Tips For Installing Bearing

The most common are self-aligning roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, thrust self-aligning roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and thrust ball bearings. They need a unique installation guide.

· Pick The Ideal Bearing According To Your Needs

Every bearing is available in different ways. Improving the bearing’s performance and lifespan is as simple as picking the proper seal and shaft-locking mechanism.

· Temperature is Vital

Avoid hammering the bearings into place; instead, spread out the power. To loosen a tightly fitting bearing, heat it in an oil or automated air furnace, being careful not to go over 120 degrees Celsius.

· Confirm Compatibility and Dimensions

Verify that the bearing dimensions meet those of the bearing housing and shaft before installation.  The machined shaft and bearing body should have right-angled contact surfaces and be able to establish enough contact.

· An Adequately Positioned

 The installer must fasten the bearing set in a proper position. And a shaft-locking mechanism is essential. Positioning the fixed and expansion units according to the manufacturer’s suggestion is necessary. Follow the installation instructions to tighten the shaft locking device. To avoid unneeded downtime, check that the bearings are correctly aligned. If the bearings are not aligned properly, it will fail almost immediately.

Moreover, with the right amount and frequency of relubrication, you can extend the life of your bearings, which means less downtime and less money spent.

· Ring Installation (Inner and Outer) Concurrently

Using a backing plate, apply force to both coils simultaneously while installing the inner and outer rings. If you merely press down on the inner circle, the balls will push into the outer ring and scrape the surface of the raceway.

Finally, check the ball and ring surfaces of bearings for cracks, scratches, and burrs.  Before installing new bearings, verify that the radial clearance meets industry standards and that the bearing type is appropriate.

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