Exploring The Enchanting Appeal Of Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lips

The shape of a chestnut for lip style is pretty, with an appealing babyish air. They can also be described as “chestnut shaped” because these corners slope gently towards a point, much like the end of a chestnut.

How Different Chestnut-Shaped Lips Are?

The horn chestnut shaped (ทำปากกระจับ, which is a term in Thai) charm of them suggests that they are sweet, mature, and childish. These natural lips balance a face and do not look contrived after all.

Another corner upturn is soft, too, which brings charm to the countenance and creates an image of a young person.

Getting Chestnut-Shaped Lips

These are some of the precise techniques that lead to successful lip augmentation to achieve chestnut-shaped lips.

A popular option utilizes dermal fillers. Injecting fillers is a strategic practice by professionals aiming to sculpt and shape lips to enhance the corners.

The other method, specialized and complex, entails lip surgery. Professionals, including Dr. Gear at Chanya Clinic, perform this procedure using high-end techniques such as muscle lip grafts.

This strategy changes the muscular framework around the mouth, enabling one to achieve this shape without exposing the scars.

Different Styles Of Chestnut Lips

These lips come in different styles to suit your taste:

  • Sweet Style: It appears natural but gentle and plump rather than pointed. It gives a younger look.
  • Sassy or Sexy Style: They have curved and slightly pointing corners, making them very charming and adding to their appealing style.
  • Luxurious Style: For refinement, stressing the completeness of lips.
  • Natural Korean Style: Real and healthy Korean star-inspired lips!

Some Issues You Should Consider Before These Lips.

Before going for chestnut-shaped lips:

  • Talk to an Expert: Speak to an expert about your facial dimensions and characteristics.
  • Realistic Expectations: Preoperative expectations; understanding what will be possible and the postoperative outcome.
  • Aftercare Matters: This assists in proper healing as prescribed by the physician.
  • Choose the Right Procedure: You can use fillers or undergo surgery.


Sassy lips in natural beauty mixed with aesthetics.

They possess a light upcurve that makes the person’s face look pretty and have an excellent outline; these elements never go out of fashion and help us look beautiful while maintaining a certain charm.

Horn chestnut lips can be achieved physically via filler injections or surgery, and some people chase this type of lip in seeking personalized beauty that gives people an opportunity for their take on beauty, which they wear with pride.

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